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Celebrating The Stone Pony Anniversary Spotlighting 50 Legendary Years


Sat, February 10, 2024

1:00 pm — EST


Stone Pony, Asbury Park, NJ



Springsteen Archives & Center for American Music Presents Symposium to Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Stone Pony

The Bruce Springsteen Archives and Center for American Music at Monmouth University will present a symposium on Saturday, February 10, 2024 that celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Stone Pony.  Titled Spotlighting 50 Legendary Years of Music Memories, the day-long event will include panel discussions and interviews that explore the history of the club through the eyes of those who helped to shape its success.

Participants in the symposium include Stone Pony founder Jack Roig; performers include Lance Larson (Lord Gunner), Gordon Brown (Mr. Reality, Highway 9, Samhill), Jon Leidersdorff (The Outcry, Blowup) Harry Filkin and Joel Kraus (Cats on a Smooth Surface), authors; Jean Mikle, Nick Corasaniti, and Bob Santelli and many others who were and are instrumental in the continued success of the      world-famous music club.

“How is it that the Stone Pony remains one of the very few premier rock clubs that continue to thrive and remain successfully relevant for five decades?” asks Eileen Chapman, Director of the Bruce Springsteen Archives & Center for American Music.  “I believe part of its success is that the club has always continued to present an extremely wide variety of music and musicians through the years from intimate emerging artist showcases to established international touring acts that attract thousands of fans. But most importantly, from the nightclub’s opening day everyone involved in the establishment has had a deep love and respect for the music, the musicians, and the audience. We look forward to hearing their stories and sharing in their memories.”

The symposium will be held at the legendary Stone Pony on February 10 at 1PM.

TICKETS are $25 and are on sale on the Stone Pony website or Stone Pony Box Office.


1:00      Keynote: Nick Corasaniti

1:15       Setting the Scene:  Moderator – Eileen Chapman

Jack Roig (Original Owner)
David Meyers (Blackberry Boozeband)
Tony Pallagrosi (Asbury Jukes)
Bob Santelli (Music Writer, Author)

2:15       Unforgettable House Bands: Moderator – Jean Mikle

Lance Larson (Lord Gunner)
Gordon Brown (Mr Reality, Samhill, Highway 9)
Harry Filkin (Cats, the Diamonds)
Jon Leidersdorff (The Outcry, Blowup)
Tony Pallagrosi (The Shots, The Jukes)

3:15        The Glory Days: Moderator – Nick Corasaniti

Harry Filkin (Cats)
Joel Krauss (Cats)
Jim Monaghan (WNEW, Bums in the Park)
Lee Mrowicki (Stone Pony DJ)
Ken Viola (Music Promoter)

4:15        Great Moments in Stone Pony History: Moderator – Bob Santelli

Jack Roig (Original Owner)
Kyle Brendle (Promoter)
Danny Clinch (Photographer)
Nick Corasaniti (Writer, Author)
Jean Mikle (Writer)
Caroline O’Toole (Stone Pony Manager)


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